From Zero to Hero: Building a Product Team with 5 Critical Hires in 6 Months






Databook, a trailblazing AI-driven technology provider, equips sales teams with the tools to excel in today's B2B landscape. Founded in 2017, Databook revolutionizes enterprise sales by aligning teams around customer needs. Trusted by industry giants like Salesforce, Microsoft, and Databricks, Databook fuels expert engagement and propels revenue growth.


When our cherished client transitioned to Databook, we embarked on an exclusive partnership to build their product team from scratch. With unwavering dedication, we collaborated closely, maintaining constant communication to ensure a seamless recruitment process. Through our joint efforts, we identified and secured top talent that perfectly aligned with Databook's vision, driving them towards their goals.

Stellar hires we've hooked
Head of Design
Director Product Management
Senior Product Manager – Platform
Senior Product Manager – Salestech
Senior Product Designer


Director Product Management
Senior Product Manager
SVP Product
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