Treasure Data Team Power-Up: How We Made It with 16 Stellar Hires in 12 Months


hires within 12 months




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Treasure Data is a dynamic and forward-thinking company operating in the realm of data management and analytics. As a leading player in the industry Treasure Data has carved a prominent niche for itself, catering to businesses across various sectors. Their innovative solutions empower organizations to extract valuable insights from their vast datasets, fueling data-driven decision-making and enabling them to stay ahead in today's competitive landscape.


Sonic has been a valuable partner for Treasure Data, providing dedicated support and transparent communication to meet their recruitment needs. With our client's significant investment, we focused on critical areas like product, solution engineering, and information security, going above and beyond to find the best candidates. Our success in meeting these challenges strengthened our relationship, leading the client to introduce us to additional teams requiring recruitment support.

Stellar hires we've hooked
Senior Director Product Management CDP
Senior Product Manager Martech
Senior Product Analyst
Senior Technical Product Marketing Manager
Security Program Manager
Security Engineering & Operations Manager
Manager, Security Trust & Assurance
Senior Security Operations Analyst
Senior Manager Solutions Consulting
Principal Solution Architect – Pre-Sales
Solutions Consultant x3
Solution Architect
Customer Success Manager


Global Head of Product Marketing
Senior Technical Product Marketing Manager
Senior Security Operations Analyst
Solutions Architect
Senior Manager Solutions Engineering
Director, Solutions Consulting
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